While POSITIVE THINKERS are my ideal match, I collaborate with all sorts of field experts and their teams. It is not always easy but I enjoy the challenge because I know there are lessons to learn or rewards to rip, and learning is one of my strongest motivations.

Getting it done by Tech Guerrero

Self-reflection is extremely valuable but let’s face it-for the most-we learn on-the-go.

I am goal-driven person and a positive thinker, mostly I have curious mind motivated by:

  • cross-connectivity
  • mind-mapping
  • consistent conceptualizing
  • learning from innovating ideas
  • generating others, remixing, fusing, testing, recreating

I admit I am OC-skewed; I feel that thinking outside the box and detail-orientation are valuable commodities, after all tactful divergence is often what drives disruptive INNOVATION and GROWTH.

I tend to become an insider in organizations that I partner with because it is a natural result of enjoying working with people who are passionate about what they do. I have been told various times that I am expressly self-motivated and driven; I appreciate the observations and no longer question such nature: survival? progress? joy? pressure? curiosity? quite feasibly the combination of all. Life’s a dance, let’s tango!

Part of my M.O. results from the interplay of being an outsider looking in who can swiftly become an insider while keeping steady observation posts on multiple aspects affecting the mission. This dynamic is the outcome of a “can-do candor” that I am fortunate to have; it has taken memorable life experiences and challenges to forge and there is plenty of space to learn from others and further edify it.

Yes we can!

  • Reality-based positive thinking takes us to
  • Short, medium and long-term goals
  • Ongoing task list and prioritizing
  • Listen and appreciate other people’s work and skillsets
  • Ask questions, concept, think big, zoom in, ask again
  • Remix: idea-merge and marinate
  • Synthesize: keep goals and mission in mind yet be flexible
  • Retool, repurpose or re-start from the scratch: gain experienceknowledge
  • Plan, schedule and execute: elevate yes response and learn to say no -but do not hide behind it
  • Trial and error, practice makes better, self-forgiveness making excuses to ourselves et al
  • Action, evaluation, improvement
  • Visualize horizons and the buy in process required to make things happen
  • Always make the best effort and learn e.g. avoid lying to ourselves, assess when and how to move on
  • Self-improvement is a continuum, embrace it, enjoy it
  • Do not forget to take deep breathes, introspect and put things in perspective
  • About me, what motivates me, how I operate

Hike Every Mountain

Challenge is Opportunity

“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”

Ralph Marston

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