A glimpse into my M.O. and background as part of my daily motivation.

Strategizing comes natural when one has to embrace it since infancy: working parents from different cultures and walks of life, multinational kinship, earning full-merit scholarships, enduring and succeeding in international academic environments, migrating three times, embracing, claiming “other” cultures, BECOMING!

Visualizing, planning, preventing and executing, the story of my life.

Strategizing comes natural when one has to embrace it since infancy

Atypical circumstances elevate IMAGINATION as a motivational tool:

  • A kid who dreamt of life in Gotham City grew to negotiate the opening of business office in Manhattan where EXPLORATION of multiple subcultural landscapes became a development platform
  • My fascination with anthropology, media and the business of digital culture helped me thrive in social and work settings
  • This in spite of the transient intensity of the New York …and Dallas, Mexico City, Los Angeles and other locations where I have lived and made myself belong
  • One result is a conversational continuum with a global tribe of fun, talented, loving people, both settled and nomads

The ongoing pressures and pleasures of intercultural adaptation have resulted in a broad approach to living:

  • respecting differences
  • celebrating similarities
  • exploring possibilities, often outside my comfort zone

This has proven to be the right attitude to fine-tune my CRITICAL THINKING through two higher-education cycles and three majors, including a self-designed degree stemmed from tenacious NEGOTIATION. The power of “can do” channeled by pro-active dialog (and follow up) plays a strong role in making things happen! If we don’t ask or persist the answer is always no.

Now transfer that notion to our world of constant media exposure: what’s the fun in powerful content without thought-provoking CONVERSATION? Meet up, talk, LEARN, question, galvanize, collaborate, introspect, create, earn, share, change, grow and evolve, then do it again!

The cycle of life

LIfe is a cycle or a series of concentric circles (to me).

So, what’s behind my modus operandi?

  • Strategy since infancy
  • Imagination and exploration
  • Home flexibility– Global Tribe
  • Broad approach to living Fond of multilayered dialog  Interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking and negotiating
  • Mostly a can-do attitude


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