D A I L Y     M O T I V A T I O N 

I am thrilled by capturing consumer insights. I relish the process of translating them to CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE to fire up the integrated marketing cycle in order to improve, sustain or amplify a BRAND. Once I am involved with a brand with values that I believe in, I wear it on my sleeves, from branding to evangelizing, without losing sight of the market.

Other daily motivational drivers:

  • The interplay of strategy & spontaneity
  • Connecting individuals for collaboration
  • Learning from every situation
  • Creative outlets for innovative answers
  • Diversity and multicultural-humility

Navigating uncommon life paths has always implied intuitive visualization, planning, anticipating, executing, revisiting and reevaluating. STRATEGY is my organic modus operandi, however life has taught me to let the JOY of spontaneity infuse all available spaces of the journey. I love LEARNING from people, sharing trailblazing ideas, matching individuals across niches or oceans, experimenting with visual arts, curating art boards and styling eclectic music ♬ playlists. In general creative involvement is how I stumble upon INNOVATIVE answers.

DIVERSITY-in its myriad possibilities-is where I thrive! Intercultural understanding is my motor and the world I have known since childhood. In our global village empathy is essential to evaluate and develop effective customer experiences produced by methodical field observations. In my daily actions I remind myself that no elegance is produced without humility.

These links provide a glimpse into my modus operandi and home page (including social media buttons.) Yes we can!

Home | @TechGuerrero


“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.” — Author Unknown …but I sure agree, diversity is the spice of life!


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